Nellow aims at lowering the environmental impact of the digital world by developing ultralow power microelectronics.

Joining our team implies :

Participating in a technological revolution
Participating in what could be the biggest technological revolution of the next decade, with a significant impact on energy consumption and climate change
Working in the Grenoble Area
Working in the Grenoble area, one of the most important scientific and technological hub in the EU on microelectronics, and a place surrounded by mountains offering a large playfield for outdoor sports, from hiking to skiing.

Crédit : Jayet/Morel/CEA

Developing your skills
Developing your skills and your potential within a collaborative environment, alongside world-class researchers.
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Architecture and design for ultralow-power memory/logic & AI devices
Design for ultralow-power in-memory computing
Energy-efficient electronic solutions

Nellow - Ultralow-power chips based on quantum materials for logic and AI.